ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate

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ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate
  • ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate
  • ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate
  • ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate
  • ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate
  • ORGANIC Mango Balls in bitter chocolate

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Mango Balls in bitter vegan chocolate are a completely new addition to the world of sweets. The mango comes from Ghana, where, on an organic plantation, small balls are formed using special spoons from fresh fruits, and then they are sun-dried. In Poland, the dried mango balls are coated with delicious dark chocolate with a minimum of 60% cocoa content. We hand-pack these sweet balls into jars to maintain their durability, freshness, taste, and aroma for a longer period in sealed glass packaging. It's a wonderful, entirely different and, above all, healthy sweetness—a good energy boost for the entire day. It's also a healthy alternative to highly processed sweet snacks.

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Biossom Mango Balls in Chocolate are soft and easy to bite. They have a pleasantly tangy taste. On the other hand, the 60% cocoa dark vegan chocolate is noticeably bitter, enhancing the tropical and tangy flavor of the hidden fruit. It doesn't impose a sweet taste and melts smoothly in the mouth. Biossom Mango Balls in Chocolate are perfect treats for anyone who loves balanced sweetness and intense flavors. They are ideal as a snack with coffee or tea. If you crave something sweet, ditch packaged sweets and opt for natural, healthy treats. You'll satisfy your sweet tooth and provide yourself with a dose of healthy, tasty energy.

Our jars don't have labels - they are vacuum-packed. When opening, you'll hear the characteristic "sssyt" sound.

We vacuum-pack our products to preserve their maximum flavor, aroma, and consistency for as long as possible. Try it and discover how differently properly protected products can taste!


Ingredients: Organic dried mango 54%, Organic chocolate 46% (organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa with reduced fat content, emulsifier: organic soy lecithin - cocoa mass content min. 70%)

Best before: 09.10.2024

Country of origin: Production in Poland, raw materials: mango - Ghana, cocoa beans - Africa

Nutritional value per 100g:

Energy value: 1743 kJ / 417 kcal
Fat: 18 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 11 g
Carbohydrates: 53 g
of which sugars: 43 g
Fiber: 12 g
Protein: 5.8 g
Sodium: 0 g


Trust nature - it has given us everything we need. Biossom - food that is good by nature.

We sell our products in jars - in ecological and durable packaging. Jars guarantee that products retain their properties and perfect taste for a longer period, and the food does not come into contact with synthetic materials. Moreover, they are vacuum-packed, further increasing the product's durability! All our labels are printed on FSC-certified paper. It's important to note that glass and metal can be recycled infinitely, always recovering 100% of the raw material. For our brand, it's crucial to manage natural resources sensibly.
Our jars are returnable. If you don't plan to use them for your own needs, send them back to us, and we will reuse them. Thank you for joining us in caring for the environment - for every return of 12 jars, we express our gratitude with a discount coupon for shopping in our store. Detailed information on jar returns can be found here.

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