ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium

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ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium
  • ORGANIC Dried Mango Premium

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Sun-dried mango is our number one. It has always been the most eagerly purchased dried fruit in our store, not only due to its unique tropical, slightly resinous, and sweet-tangy flavor but also because Biossom Sun-dried Mango is of the finest variety - the "Brooks" variety. The origin is also crucial - Burkina Faso. We carefully selected this fruit from various varieties and samples, and the Brooks variety from Burkina Faso is undoubtedly the most delicious! In the PREMIUM version, mango slices guarantee a beautiful yellow color and the appropriate size of "slices."

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Our organic sun-dried mango PREMIUM is a sugar-free product - it only contains sugars naturally occurring in fruits. It is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates - a good and, above all, healthy energy boost for the whole day. Aromatically scented and delicious, dried mango contains plenty of vitamins and minerals - it is a rich source of vitamin A, C, E, B-group vitamins, as well as copper, iron, and potassium.

It tastes great without any additives, making it a healthy, light, and valuable snack. If you crave something sweet and calorie-rich, skip packaged sweets and opt for natural sugar in dried mango. You'll satisfy your sweet cravings much better and provide yourself with a dose of healthy, tasty energy.

Mango is perfect as a snack. It's easy to take to work or school and enjoy as a second breakfast. It's also an excellent addition to dishes - you can add it, for example, to curry paste. It pairs perfectly with all desserts, is wonderful in breakfast muesli, and adds a tropical twist to homemade cereal bars or power balls.
If you haven't had the chance to try dried mango yet - there's no need to wait! The taste is unique. Many customers claim it's “addictive”.

When you open our jar, you'll hear the characteristic "sssyt." Why? Because we vacuum-pack our products to preserve the maximum flavor, aroma, and consistency for a longer time. Try it and discover how differently properly sealed products can taste!


Ingredients: 100% organic sun-dried mango

Best before: 31.07.2025

Country of Origin: Production - Poland, Raw material - Burkina Faso

Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy value: 1250 kJ / 296 kcal
Fat: 2.5 g
including sturated fatty acids: 0.5 g
Carbohydrates: 62 g
including sugars: 60 g
Protein: 2.9 g
Salt: 0.13 g


Trust nature - it has given us everything we need. Biossom - food that is good by nature.

We sell our products in jars - in ecological and durable packaging. Jars guarantee that products retain their properties and perfect taste for a longer period, and the food does not come into contact with synthetic materials. Moreover, they are vacuum-packed, further increasing the product's durability! All our labels are printed on FSC-certified paper. It's important to note that glass and metal can be recycled infinitely, always recovering 100% of the raw material. For our brand, it's crucial to manage natural resources sensibly.

Our jars are returnable. If you don't plan to use them for your own needs, send them back to us, and we will reuse them. Thank you for joining us in caring for the environment - for every return of 12 jars, we express our gratitude with a discount coupon for shopping in our store. Detailed information on jar returns can be found here.

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